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Last Updated: 07/06/15

Screening Visit

A screening visit is a potential participant's chance to meet the DTC team and discuss their options, questions, and concerns with the study team. If you would like to participate in a study, you may also be asked to sign a Screening Consent form and complete screening/baseline examinations. These examinations, tests, or procedures are part of your regular cancer care and should be done by your health care team even if you do not join a study. If you have had them recently, they may not need to be repeated. This will be up to you and your study doctor. These tests/procedures may include:

  • Complete medical history, including prior hormone use
  • Physical examination, including height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature
  • Standard blood tests (requiring about 1 tablespoon of blood total), which include measurement of your white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, blood sugar, and electrolytes, and how your liver and kidneys work
  • Pregnancy test to check for pregnancy in women who are able to become pregnant
  • EKG to check your heart
  • CT scans of your chest, abdomen, and pelvis to measure your tumor(s); other imaging tests may be done as needed
  • Eye Exam, including physical eye examination, history, and vision test
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